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the OscArs

how come no one watched the oscars? holy moly this must have been the first time ever that i sat through the whole thing! 5 pm till 9:15 baby!! crap that was long hahaha..

my uncle designed adrian brody, will smith, and two other guys' suits! cool huh BD

he sent one to johnny depp, too but he couldn't wear it cos he made a contract with armani.. however.. i liked the armani one better muahaha. so i think depp's gonna wear the one my uncle designed to this other event next week in nyc..pretty cool still.

HAH i loved brody's little act with the spray. charlize is wayy too hottt

and that 13 year old girl? i never heard of her until i saw her.. yup. cutie though!

ok now i REALLY want to watch lost in translation!! i'm really impressed- i didn't know sofia directed AND WROTE the movie! pretty impressive.

and i think lotr won way too many oscars. i think it was ridiculous how seabiscuit didn't win any [it deserved best picture!]. that was an awesome movie ! geezzz :L

oh well. interesting =)

oh yeah, johnny looked hot BD i like johnny depp =)

jen lo won this worst actress thing from gigli huh. i heard that movie sucksssss.

anyone else catch the oscars tonight =p?


johnny depp!! giorgio armani suit.

omygosh. venessa-lucky chica! haha

charlize!! gorgeousss

best actress nominee keisha castle..she's the 13 year old girl..cute !

brody..and the ermenegildo zegna suit!

renee looked really cute! carolina herrera dress

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