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Dearest Emily,
Happy Sweet 16 =)!!!

Derest suKi,
happy sweet 16 babyyyyyyyyy <3!!

hah i had one of the best weekends, kind of..
though there were times when it sucked, all in all it was fun and i spent much of my time out of the house!!

today..to celebrate emily's swt 16 we went to excel and took a shitlooooadddd of studio pictures. i have never ever spent so many freaking hours in a studio. we were there from about 1:30 to 6:30/7. CRAZY HUH. though..inbetween ..1.5 of the hours..we were just waiting for the pictures! but still. crazy stuff YO!

anyway.. i think they turned out..pretty good? pictures turn out better with more people..but there were SO MANY PPL hahaa..yeah. i look really chubby in a lot. scratch that. i am really chubby. shit...... i promise that starting now, i'll lay off the bread AND the frequent visits to tapioca express wahhaha. yeah right. (about the tapioca express part. how can you resist? ESPECIALLY when it's RIGHT on driscoll!!)
well next few months are gonna be FUN! party/badmintonseason/taiwantrip/multiculturalweek. wooooo =) this year has gone pretty fast. hopefully 2nd semester will fly by quickly too. specially cos i can't wait until summer. even if it is filled with a lot of sat classes..w/e.....

oh yeah i was kinda :L yesterday cos max and i won our mixed game at the badminton tourney then we had to forfeit the game cos i had the friggin sat class. SO UPSETTING! i bet we could have beat the 2nd team...man.. i really really wanted to get into like top 5. DANG IT. and yesterday was so exhausing..so i didn't even go to praise night. sorry guys :L
i had to wake up at freaking 7:15 for that freaking saturday school (dun dun dun. yeah..guess why huh. -_-''''''''')
and then badminton tourney
and then lunch
and then sat class
and then open gym
so i was like exhausted..cos i got little sleep. good thing i drank coffee before badminton tourney or else i would be sleepy .
HEH ANYHOOOOOOOT i knoww you wanna see these sexy pictures cos we look hawt. thanks to contrast film. HAH. <3

random/chink pose. hahaha.. i love christina's fro. i have chopstix! emily's so studious BD

top : (left to right) steph gi jenny
middle: christina emily michelle
bottom: me nikola laverne

top: jenny nikola me
bottom:steph laverne emily gi shell christina

winter pose! michelle hella looks like boa. well i think so. ( i think its the outfit/hair cos i saw a pic of boa dressed like that)

brown clothes!! i love pink & brown <3

formal ishh

neon/pastel BD!

dude! i realized only me, christina & michelle did this correctly. oh well :D
christina is a hawt mama with hawt mama sexy legs! foreallllllllll

uturns. our sign<3


me and christina

me and christina
damn..come back to mission cos i miss you <3

laverne & me

gi & shell

cute :)

just smiling

me+steph. whoaa laverne musta moved her head


its chinker twins and afro man WOMAN!

christina & me at tex

gi trying to be tall and laverne

jenny & me

hilarioussssssss. gi had to stand on those block things cos she's short <333333333. gigi baby :)!

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