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i'm gonna copy jessica

yeahh seriouslyy when ppl say hi doesn't it feel nice? HAHA gonna describe who and what ppl do. grace alwayssss says hi and smiless and no matter what i can never frown! jessica always goes heyyyyyyy cutie. what a swtie she always says something nice like that to everyone. alex goes WITCH in his doaner voice which sounds HOMO. heh. heh. just kidding. steph chiu never waves. she stares at a while then walks past me. HAHA. unless..i yell at her then she "waves" yeahhhh. like thats really saying hi HAHA. steph chen's greet is always the best. no matter what she always has a gorgeous fat grin on her face. a true one! and says hi :) weichu always smiles with his mouth closed and raises his hand. tkim doesn't even say anything. no dialogue. he just puts up his hand/puts it down. same with ryan. sometimes. baek doesn't say anything until he walks right past you, he goes like hey in his super deep voice. nikola waves. she has that nikola face on her all the time. cutie. dan pokes people. THATS ANNOYING. wahhha.. and he always goes O_O!!!!! scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. gi says hi in her high pitched voice. HAHA. ummmmmm k i'll finish this laterr

oh yeah..it's gross:
[right click;save target as]

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Deleted comment

yes indeed ... thanks!!
ok excellent. np =D
aww! i'm in your post. like, <33333

HAHAHAHAH jk;ljewwwww dork
i wave at you and it's always RIGHT before you look at me! so it makes me look like a loser waving at no one because no one is waving back at me! YEAH you know what i mean.

OKAY from now on i will freaking wave at you every time i see you even if you're 300 feet away. okay? and i'll scream your name too. just because BD
that sounds good. HAHAhA :)
steph chen's greet is always the best. no matter what she always has a gorgeous fat grin on her face. a true one! and says hi :)
yea! lol steph is always smiling
She's so nice! If I screw up in badminton, "it's okay, nice try" or if I smash "nice shot!".. And she has a really believable face :P
haha i know ! ^__^
saying hi is cool but sometimes...ppl get tooo lazy to say hi
like me! sooo sometimes i pretend that i dont see that person...lol
evil me ;)
LOL i do that too sometimes HAHA i'm just like.eh whatever mang ,but then.. i usually say hi to ppl who always make me happy haha


February 17 2004, 00:24:21 UTC 13 years ago


pleeeease? :D