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relocated :) [07 Mar 2004|06:34pm]

P.S. I've already added you if I like reading your entries or i just think you're COOL!!! and i'm still not done adding people ^^'
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[07 Mar 2004|08:09am]
why am i up so early. i'm just an early bird =)

it just hit me that i didn't even eat dinner last night. that's a first.. i never go to sleep on an empty stomach, just because that's so not me! but then i had jamba juice and that's 500some calories, so i think that made me somewhat full...

hm whatever. i'm still really screwed! it's only 8 but i have to finish 5 permit packets (i only did ONE. and that took me an hour. fjska;fjskf;) read 80 pages, study french, do math (i should go to ou's tonight), and all this other blab.

geeeeez spring break, hurry along please!

yesterday at sat class..ms. lee didn't come so we had to wait outside with valerie (our teacher) and we sat on the floor in a circle and played this weird game. it was funny cos like no one could do it. basically everyone held something in their hand (like a pencil/eraser/gum/water/etcetc) and then we turned to the person on our left and said "this is a penciL" then turned to our right and said "a what?" turned to our left and said " a pencil" turned to right and said "a what?" and then turned to our left again and said " a pencil! ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!" and then passed it on to the person and each time the ething went to the next person, we'd say it a little faster. and if you think this is easy, you're insane because saying "water bottle" in .8492084092 second is NOT easy. omygosh. like the longer things like glasses case, water bottle, etc etc were a lot harder to say hahaha.. oh well that was hilarious cos only valerie could do it ( i'm thinking she's had a lot of practice ..maybe because ms. lee coming late has happened often or she just plays for fun o_O) and everyone else, including me, would just crack up like hell when we had to say it hella fast

yeahh then i sat next to hannah and like during break she told me that christinechou QUIT BADMINTON? WHY youjk ;sajflkjsf;klasjf!!!!!!!!! oh well i still get to see you =D haha

after class went home and nikola got to my house at the same time. whoa. just got ready then picked up johnny and went to vfair. okay whoever said theres crazy big sales at a&f is crazy themselves. I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING. all the merchandise consisted of new spring clothing -_-' oh well whatever.. i'm probably just blind or had no time to look around :\
we got there at like what..5:30? nikola and johnny got to a&f and they picked their outfit in 2 min. i felt heka bad cos i was heka unsure and we kept changing our minds. nikola and johnny are doing WATERMELON COLORS. puahaha. you'll see. but it's seriously like watermelon! green outside, pink inside! cute. since chris and i had like various ideas, like pjs, the silver jackets, denim..we took so long deciding cos we kept changing our minds. or at least i did cos i'm just picky like that :L. so ax had no more silver jackets and the pj thing.. i was like nahhhhh and the denim thing..i kinda wanted to do that but then we'd be heka hot. so yeah we're doing green/beach theme. it's so missionlike . green? oh man it's like we're true missionaires. oH WELL ALL GOOD. haha.

i took pictures but you don't get to see them cos you get to see at the dance. HAR!!

oh we saw jenn and bonnie like 4 times! hahaa..and unfortunately they were unsuccessful and didn't get anything :( gluck =)

i haven't been to vfair since christina's bday! (when was this! august -_-) cos my mom hates going there. so woot i finally paid a visit there yesterday even though we went to the same stores hahaha..

hw time -_-' laterr
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[05 Mar 2004|10:15pm]

okay you know what? i got a nice fat C and another nice fat C on my bio test and history test, but oddly, I really didn't mind! Most likely because quarter grades aren't that important, and we're only half way thru which means I still got a couple more weeks to raise my grades! woohoo. how weird. i wasn't disappointed at all. B on math quiz. that was a disappointment :L even though i didn't study..but whatever!

this week's been good. i've just been trying to step aside from the bad and been keeping myself cheerful by being..hyper. yeah that's right, it really does work. muahaha.

aww today was a really great day. okay wait back up, afterschool was FUCKING scary. geez.......

um after that i was gonna go to badminton but last night i only got 5 hours of sleep so i was too exhausted and i didn't really have lunch cept for that bite of ham sandwhich thing so i was really energyless so i skipped practice. me laverne nikola emily went to emily's house for like few min then we walked to tapex. saw my mom D: but who cares at least she paid for my drink muahha. i'm so chinese. go me! and then we talked blah blah and then andrew and michelle came and since i haven't had a good talk with michelle in forever i was like aye shell lemme come over! so then i went over and nikokat came too and we did our nails and it was funnnnn. and we updated each other on our lives.. AHHA then joe's friends threw gummy worms and kept hitting the window and we stole some.. muAHAHAH.
then yeah we went to subway and silly justin and pakman came too then they went to clubsport. and i ate my foodd and then we went back to shells house. talked..chilled.. figured out the shit and what to do.
end results..very cute might i say

umm okay yeah. good day. me laverne emily shell niko all kinda talked a bit at diff timings but all good . like talking with the girls. this months gonna be fun/busy! yey. =p

i was gonna add some other stuff but i forget. whatever! no one ljed about the fight. i guess that's a good thing? nite.

wake up and do sat hw
try to do english shit. i have to read 83 pages of joy luck club
lunch/go to sat class
go home, do some hw, try to do packet.
wake up and do my hw
finish reading the story..cos i know i won't get it done on sat.
do all my other hw shit
go to open gym..if they have it
try to go to ou's. this chapter is friggin confusing.

alright oh man fjak;jsfj sat class is hella taking up my saturdays away. cos basically afternoon times steal everything rite? i'm not the kind of person who's out late at night 24/7 cos yeah my parents aren't really lose on me

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intarasTTNGGgg [03 Mar 2004|08:52pm]
hohoho. hello everyone. this week has been better than the last. oh yes oh yes.

let me just say that dear mrs. townsend is getting old. mighty old! it's like she's losing her memory. but it's 2x as worse as last year . she told us that silly mardi gras story AGAIN! geez haha i was half laughing..not cos if it was funny , but cos it's so funny how she keeps repeating herself and she doesn't realize it. okay okay it was one of those you-had-to-be-there sort of things i guess.

lunch was a okay! had talks with the uturns and we still haven't figured it out but this months gonna be fun. well end of this month. and our first badminton game is next week! ohmygosh. i'm nervous kinda but excited at the same time? yeah.. hopefully things are gonna start turning around

umm skipped english cos i had to do that photo shoot thing for sherry. this junior heka made fun of sherry..aww i was like ':\ meh shut up' hahaha so yeah it was cool cos i got to miss the period hAHA. it was kinda fun and intersting, but then we had no more ideas for poses so i kept doing the same kinds of stuffs..and then i did the scrunchy funny face and mr. payette was like "okayyyy waht kind of pose is that" uh woops? -_-
i'm gonna do it for connie too so i get to miss english again next week! awesomeeeee!!

history test! oh man. it wasn't hard but then i didn't really study the dates of the wars.. i knew the vocab and the leaders though at least. just some of those detailed things i missed. oh well as long as i pass that test i can still maintain my A i thinkkk

then bio. omygosh how boring. but at least i understood it lol. i hate how i sit in the back now. i sit in the last seat and i can't see a damn thing cos all the blind kids go to the front all the time and cover the board so i can never see a word and i have to copy from someone next to me. don't get me wrong, i don't like the front cos then the teacher stares at you but i usually like the middle ish so you can still see the board.

then omygosh i was late to yearbook meeting . talk about making a greattttt impression!! -_- and everyone got ice cream..except me. well thats the price you pay for being late i suppose. it was so like argh though cos everyone was eating and yea hajfk;alsjfjskal haha but i'm excitedd. yearbook's gonna be awesome. first assignment is due next week. squishy meeshy time.

and then had practice later. hit with alvin then prissy and angela. glad i went. i wasn't gonna go cos i was so friggin sore, but then they didn't really run. it was mostly hitting today so got some clears and stuff done. yupp0s.
thursday then friday! excellentttt.
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[02 Mar 2004|07:00am]
Yesterday I couldn't attend the asb meeting cos i had to go to the career center to type something --;

anyhoot, i know charles, aj, curtis, grace, liz are running. who else? is this the first year they're allowing sophomores to run?

because i have no chance of winning andddd i don't have any space to take L2, i decided not to run anymore

BUT i'm going to run for class again. should i? last year i lost..and i was soo shattered cos i tried so hard haha and put so much time and effort into it. but it's all about the experience =) and liz has been doing an awesome job these last 2 years. to run, or not to run again?

have a good......tuesday!
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[01 Mar 2004|09:23pm]
I'm so sick of school! I'm just waiting it to end. Right now..everything is just such a drag..wake up.. school..practice..homework..sleep..wake up..repeat

how boringer can a life get. and next year will be the same. plus that sat mambojambo. urghhhhhhhhhhh

only thing i'm looking forward to is SPRING BREAK! taiwan trip! ohmygosh. even though it's gonna be one week..it's gonna be the best week of this year. this year has sucked. what the hell. it was going good up till beg of second semester.

GOING TO TAIWAN. i'm gonna make victor take neoprints BUAHAHAHAHHA. how evil. jk. i think he'll like em. kinda? cool! =D


...watch the william hung interview? haha
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the OscArs [29 Feb 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

how come no one watched the oscars? holy moly this must have been the first time ever that i sat through the whole thing! 5 pm till 9:15 baby!! crap that was long hahaha..

my uncle designed adrian brody, will smith, and two other guys' suits! cool huh BD

he sent one to johnny depp, too but he couldn't wear it cos he made a contract with armani.. however.. i liked the armani one better muahaha. so i think depp's gonna wear the one my uncle designed to this other event next week in nyc..pretty cool still.

HAH i loved brody's little act with the spray. charlize is wayy too hottt

and that 13 year old girl? i never heard of her until i saw her.. yup. cutie though!

ok now i REALLY want to watch lost in translation!! i'm really impressed- i didn't know sofia directed AND WROTE the movie! pretty impressive.

and i think lotr won way too many oscars. i think it was ridiculous how seabiscuit didn't win any [it deserved best picture!]. that was an awesome movie ! geezzz :L

oh well. interesting =)

oh yeah, johnny looked hot BD i like johnny depp =)

jen lo won this worst actress thing from gigli huh. i heard that movie sucksssss.

anyone else catch the oscars tonight =p?

weeeCollapse )

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[29 Feb 2004|03:12pm]
haven't done this in forever!

First Best Friend: Sofia, Federica (italy friendsss)
First Car: not yet but that suzuki is soon to be mine.... BD

First Screenname: aznverangel? HAHA our "azn" days -_-'''
First Album/CD: i forget
First Pet: CoCo.. my old dog
First Piercing/Tattoo: My ears , 2 days ago..ahha xD
First Credit Card: :[
First Enemy: ummm you guys don't know her
First Big Trip: italy to taiwan?
First Detention: saturday school.....last week -_-'
First Heartbreak: hahahaah oh boy
First Time Dying My Hair: never!
First Time Breaking A Bone: i THINK my pinky's broken? who knows.
First Time Getting Really Sick: i think the chicken pox in 3rd grade! or strep throat when i was 4
First Hangover: never !

Last Cigarette: never!
Last Cuss Word Uttered: this morning -_-'
Last Compliment: 2 hrs ago :]
Last Time Driving: never :L
Last Big Car Ride: thnxgiving break! (to la!)
Last Good Cry: couple days ago..
Last Time Doing A Drug: i don't do drugs
Last Movie(s) Seen: i forget the title --'
Last Beverage Drank: ice tea
Last Food Comsumed: fries
Last Phone Call: mom
Last Thing Written: letter to my cousin
Last TV Show Watched: room raiders or w/e its called
Last Time Showered: yesterday night
Last Shoes Worn: flipfloPs
Last Outfit Worn: pjs
Last Person That You Saw Naked Besides You: wtf
Last CD Played: i forget.. cos i just listen to the radio lately
Last Item Bought: tapioca or something a few days ago
Last Disappointment: hah.
Last Annoyance: that shit..
Last Ice Cream Eaten: i haven't had ice cream in months? i don't remember D:
Last Time Wanting To Die: hm
Last Piercing/Tattoo: same as first! and tattoo!
Last Birthday Celebrated: emily's swt 16 :]
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[28 Feb 2004|11:03pm]
previous entry is gone. but, thx. [matt, amy, etc etc etc posters]

have a nice weekend y'all.
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[26 Feb 2004|05:16pm]
woopee. i was so excited today during 4th cos i was gonna miss most of the rest of the day since i had a eye appointment (with optometristt). soo my mom picked me up and we stopped by tapioca and i saw angela wang's mommy and our mommies kept going yadda yadda school this school that yadayadaydada oh yeah sat this sat II yadaydaday

get my jiff? of course.

and then we went to the optometrist..and it took so long!! i had to do this test thing 3 times cos my dr. said to stick to hard contacts but i told him i really really wanted soft and my mom kept arguing that i just wanted soft cos i want color but NOT TRUE becauseeeeee i have a good reason to get soft.. my hard contacts constantly hurt! so yeah i had to do this test thing so many times and my pupils got huge so i had to wear big fat sunglasses when i got to school cos when i exposed my eyes to sunlight it heka burned. geeeez. everyone was like WTF cos i had huge fat sunglasses on a rainy day.

i got hazel, grey, and green samples..and one pair of regular soft contacts that i can use for around 2 weeks ish? if they're good i'll be ordering them later on..i guess we'll see cos my dr. says my hard ones fit great still and there's nothing wrong with them.

anyway..back to the rainy day thing..geeeee thanks, mother nature!! why are you making our days so gloomy? it's horrible!!

and another thing, i bet sun would add some happiness. right now..there's so much friggin drama going on.

about badminton, yearbook..etc etc etc.

i was really down about badminton, but i'm taking lots of ppls advice (and i really liked cindy's [tsai] response, too) i'm just gonna work my ass off and push myself up there... cos working hard does show results. so..w/e. i'm gonna prove it to them! seriously! i'm gonna challenge kids BD!!!!! yup! i'm kinda scared but.. hey you gotta give it a shot to everything or how will you know if you could have done it or not if you don't!

and!!! quit acting [no names mentioned] like you know everything just if you made varsity okay? people like me are finding that annoying. so just shut yooooooo fat mouth if you duno shit :) thank you very much <3<3<3 and stop bragging too. just cos you're on a higher team doesn't make you different. it doesn't make you more powerful! so yeah. stfu =DDDDDDDD

and i love you fellow friends (uturns). all good. oh yeah.. we should all have one big fat family talk! seriously . drama between friends = n/g. and eventually we'll have to face it, right? so let's all have one big talk tomorrow/soon and i want to share how we all feel about it cos it's really getting blahhhhh.

i had a talk to my mom and yeah she totally understands me. it's true. no one is perfect at everything so

i heard this quote somewhere before..it was either from a movie or from a family friend. i don't agree with it fully..but i believe it's partially true

it's who you know, not what you know

hmmmm oh yeah.

you know for yearbook how everyone got the letter thing? just wondering, if you were "the selected handful" does that mean that you are definitely already IN for sure (for yearbook..are you already in the class?) or did they just make a cut and then they( the handful who got this notice) have to get interviewed again? please help! kthnx =)
thank you~

friday tomorrow. excellentttt.


oh YEAH! i just read stephma's lj. and i've been wanting to do this since i saw amanda hua's fake hair wig! i'm gonna grow my hair realllyyyyyyyy long now!! and i'm going to try to keep it healthy.. i want to donate like 8/10 inches ish to locks of love! i want to help make a wig for a kid with cancer <3
this will take SO long cos my hair is not that long right now. i'm thinking..one year ish. oh well. if that's what it takes....
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[24 Feb 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. you guys all heard about the dreaded roster today from badminton.

and to you fuckers who keep saying let it go and shit, please.. i think you should take a chill pill and mind your own business. go ahead and make a comment/share your thoughts, but don't tell us hard workers to "let it go" and shit and make us feel like everything we've done is done and we should just let it be. you don't know the position we're in. put your feet in our fucking shoes. how would you feel? training for a whole year.. spending more than 8-10 hours a week on a sport for a whole year. PLEASE. you need to shut your mouth.

thanks..to the really thoughtful and kind, gentle, supporting comments and caring others.

and congrats..to the few.

and also, no congrats to you kids who don't deserve it. shit. life is unfair. i never really realize it until i stumble upon the real deal

[22 Feb 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Dearest Emily,
Happy Sweet 16 =)!!!

Derest suKi,
happy sweet 16 babyyyyyyyyy <3!!

hah i had one of the best weekends, kind of..
though there were times when it sucked, all in all it was fun and i spent much of my time out of the house!!

today..to celebrate emily's swt 16 we went to excel and took a shitlooooadddd of studio pictures. i have never ever spent so many freaking hours in a studio. we were there from about 1:30 to 6:30/7. CRAZY HUH. though..inbetween ..1.5 of the hours..we were just waiting for the pictures! but still. crazy stuff YO!

anyway.. i think they turned out..pretty good? pictures turn out better with more people..but there were SO MANY PPL hahaa..yeah. i look really chubby in a lot. scratch that. i am really chubby. shit...... i promise that starting now, i'll lay off the bread AND the frequent visits to tapioca express wahhaha. yeah right. (about the tapioca express part. how can you resist? ESPECIALLY when it's RIGHT on driscoll!!)
well next few months are gonna be FUN! party/badmintonseason/taiwantrip/multiculturalweek. wooooo =) this year has gone pretty fast. hopefully 2nd semester will fly by quickly too. specially cos i can't wait until summer. even if it is filled with a lot of sat classes..w/e.....

oh yeah i was kinda :L yesterday cos max and i won our mixed game at the badminton tourney then we had to forfeit the game cos i had the friggin sat class. SO UPSETTING! i bet we could have beat the 2nd team...man.. i really really wanted to get into like top 5. DANG IT. and yesterday was so exhausing..so i didn't even go to praise night. sorry guys :L
i had to wake up at freaking 7:15 for that freaking saturday school (dun dun dun. yeah..guess why huh. -_-''''''''')
and then badminton tourney
and then lunch
and then sat class
and then open gym
so i was like exhausted..cos i got little sleep. good thing i drank coffee before badminton tourney or else i would be sleepy .
HEH ANYHOOOOOOOT i knoww you wanna see these sexy pictures cos we look hawt. thanks to contrast film. HAH. <3

happy bday emily<3Collapse )

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[18 Feb 2004|10:14pm]
i haven't played gunbound in such a LONG time !! omygosh. everyone had these awesome things and i had ZERO....... ughhhhhh

omg lol my sis and i used to have this diary thing like what..back in jr high? and my sis just found it today and wrote in it..HAHA LOOK AT THE PICTURESCollapse ) she drew!! -_-;;;;;;

i haven't done anything for such a long long long long time. i haven't been to a mall in like a month. crazy. finally this weekend i have plans! fun.......
gnite '.'
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i'm gonna copy jessica [16 Feb 2004|01:07pm]
yeahh seriouslyy when ppl say hi doesn't it feel nice? HAHA gonna describe who and what ppl do. grace alwayssss says hi and smiless and no matter what i can never frown! jessica always goes heyyyyyyy cutie. what a swtie she always says something nice like that to everyone. alex goes WITCH in his doaner voice which sounds HOMO. heh. heh. just kidding. steph chiu never waves. she stares at a while then walks past me. HAHA. unless..i yell at her then she "waves" yeahhhh. like thats really saying hi HAHA. steph chen's greet is always the best. no matter what she always has a gorgeous fat grin on her face. a true one! and says hi :) weichu always smiles with his mouth closed and raises his hand. tkim doesn't even say anything. no dialogue. he just puts up his hand/puts it down. same with ryan. sometimes. baek doesn't say anything until he walks right past you, he goes like hey in his super deep voice. nikola waves. she has that nikola face on her all the time. cutie. dan pokes people. THATS ANNOYING. wahhha.. and he always goes O_O!!!!! scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. gi says hi in her high pitched voice. HAHA. ummmmmm k i'll finish this laterr

oh yeah..it's gross:
[right click;save target as]

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[15 Feb 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

kkkkkkkk my cousin and his gf are downstairs and so is my godfather. ewwww my cousin is being such a fat dork.. isaac if you're reading this, fjkas;jf dude, you laugh every 3 sec. i'm not kidding HAHAh =X (:

oohh today Dad and I wanted to go photograph nature [wow.. fatherly daughterly time!] but the weather suckeddddddd so then my mom was like how about the whole family goes to coyote hills cos my sis went there with her friend last time..so we did. it was my first time there but it's soo nice and peaceful!! seriouslyy i was like ooo pretty ducklings hahah..and there were a few "homes" [wooden stick "tents"] that were used by the ohlone tribe..but they were really..basic. they were nothing to what i've seen before so if you ever pay a visit there, don't expect too muchh

yeahh. dude. i predict that my sister is gonna be the next jenchiu. seriouslyy she makes the weirdest faces..but i think her style is kinda different right now.. LOL. eww what a loser. and i predict she's also gonna be the next american idol psycho. no kiddin. remind me to upload the video later..haha

picturesCollapse )

i've been getting SO little sleep lately..and everytime i get on the car i fall asleep..
we went to tapioca and i got..mocha snowbubble and now i'm so hyperr but..its ok cos i'm gonna play badminton later so i need the energyy
woot. no need to worry about school cos tomoro we have the day OFF. later :]

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[15 Feb 2004|01:07pm]
[ mood | cold ]

omygosh jfk;asjfs have any of you heard of world hair salon or something? its in union city i think..near the krispy kreme place
..and i read the..argus (from mond. feb 9) and apparantely the guy who owned the place with his wife, set the place on fire and he died in the fire [they think it was suicide] & his daughter was sleeping and luckily she survived but her hands/feet got burned. i thought that was soooo freaky cos i went there a couple of times and i met the girl, too cos.. my mom used to get a haircut there sometimes.

and i didn't even know this but the man even harrassed his wife with a hammer and stuff? like..2 years ago or somethingg

and then like in the article, it didn't state anything about why he did thisss and i asked my mom about it and she said that his wife and him were married for quite a while and then not that long ago she met a new guy and they became gf/bf so she filed a divorce with him..so i'm guessing he fell under deep depression and just wanted to kill himself.. though i duno

i'm glad the girl is okay now though. she's like.. in 2nd grade or something

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[14 Feb 2004|10:55am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

dog- man's best friend.

seriously. i wish i had a dog right now. i reallyyy miss my dog. i always went to her when i was never in my good moods. what to do now

if only my mom allowed it. dangitttt :\

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[14 Feb 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

went to irv comm center yesterday w/ ryan and steph like at 8. it was...okay? good experience i suppose `cos i never played outside of citybeach before.. except for the games during season. there were mostly logan people, and oh yeah good thing Lloyd and Andy went too cos i felt soo out of place. seriouslyy the logan people kept laughing at everything and they kept staring at us and kept speaking viet to each other.. and then like when steph and i played these two fob guys who kept asking us to play, when the score got to 7-11 they were like "OMFG OMFG 7-11 GET IT? EHEHEHOHOHOHAHAHAH!!!!!!!" and yeah i was just liKe.. O_o!?????????????

and then when we served, this one guy kept posing like a ninja and went like "hAhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" and stuck his racquet out..yeahh just what they did was really ridiculous yet hilarious at the same timeee

and then like there was this girll crystal. she was pretty haha but then geeeeeeeez she was heka nice and all flirty with ryan, but like heka meh with me. like kept giving me looks and stuff. whatever =)

umm yeahh good thing i wenttttt! cos i had such a bad day. geeez..

and i don't think i'm getting enough sleep. my right eye is getting weird.. the double eyelid is HEKA weird now so it looks smaller. i think it's cos i'm not getting enough sleep and i'm getting rings under my eyes sometimes. sick D*:

hm. my skin is sensitive. great combo

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[13 Feb 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

jfkas;jfs nikola charles angela.. i'm soo sorry i got you guys a cut :P ms. neilson said it was cool but then like ..yeah i guess it was "over the limit" oh whateverrr

and i'm so sorry the cars like thatttttt. people went crazy and drew everywhere jfkas;jf okkkkk

blahh friday the 13th..jfksa;jfs everything was ok.. i suppose..except for the cut part. i thought ms. neilson was gonna be understanding about it..dangit

and no citybeach..

ah. out..

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[12 Feb 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | worried ]

YO ! or.....not.

me and my awesome advertising skills.. ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. i sold like 11 teddy grams? =] haha phew sold em all! that's good...

no no and no! i have a bio quiz tomorrow and i don't know what the heck this stuff is. i only get translation/transcription since isaac described it kinda =p

ohhhhh citybeach! i like citybeach training =) well..we did duckwalks uclas today and LOTS of bearcrawls and ahhhhhhh i felt like dying! like in boiling hot water or something

and then like after all the excercises i couldn't really walk anymore so angela drilled w/ niko and then yk asked to play a game of mixed so we did.. and wonn! 8D
and my mom picked us up hella early cos i forgot that our family friend was coming over today and she brought Milly. jfas;lkjslf omg she's blind now.. like her eyes are white.. that's so sad. it's awful to see a dog age so quickly (cos you know how their age is like 7x more..>

ohhhh they got me a dooney & bourke bag as a late xmas gift i guess? cooool i love it =)
- it's not louis vuitton..but HEYYYYYYYYY i'm disliking it now cos EVERYONE has a friggin lv bag!! not special anymore even though it's still pretty. seriouslyyyy tho..i know at least 5 people who have a real one

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